Chris Chambers Story

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Chris Chambers Story

Post by Chris Chambers on Thu May 21, 2009 12:45 pm

My name is Chris Chambers, I lived with my dad for 3 years. He was under a lot of stress and he was not well mentally or physically he would have out bursts of random things, he would wake up 3 times a night screaming and yelling. When i hit the age of 15 i moved out to live with my grandma, i got a job as a mechanic, i was still working and going to collage. I always thought when i was working what if my grandma was attacked what would i do?, so i went to collage and studied: Firearms, Martial arts, Kung fu, I also did some Learn to Protect courses which basically tells you how to defend yourself.

2 Years Later......

I got a call for the Los Santos Police Department tell me that my dad had jumped in front of a train yelling at himself.They couldn't understand why he was so unwell and they blamed the drugs that the hospital gave him saying "He was depressed and the drugs made it worse and made him think there was a devil and a angel was on his shoulder". So when i got to the age of 22 i bought my own house and moved.
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Re: Chris Chambers Story

Post by Jalmino Lanson on Sat May 23, 2009 5:19 am

Very good job Chris.....

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