Jalmino Lanson's bio, from start to finish

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Jalmino Lanson''s bio, from start to finish

Post by Jalmino Lanson on Sat May 23, 2009 5:31 am

Jalmino has always been troubled child, and was beaten up at school by kids because he is mexican. He resorted to bringing a butcher's knife to school when he was only 10 years old and he stabbed a kid, the kid died instantly....He was "hospitalized" meaning he was sent to a menta asylum for kids, and he was taught "wrong and right". At the age of 12 he was released, after a year he was walking down the street to buy some milk from the 24/7....On the way home, he found a .45 pistol (Desert Eagle) laying on the side of the road, he saw his dad using one once, so he knew how to reload, check how many shots are left, and how to shoot straight. So he stuck it in the back of his pants like his dad did with the safety on. When he was walking past Grove street the guys who usually beat him up came out and pulled knives on him, so he pulled the gun out of his pants and turned the safety off. They thought he was bluffing and came toward him ready to stab him, he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* He found two of them laying on the ground in pools of blood and the other 3 running, he saw a man with blood coming out of his arm standing across the street. He ran, putting the gun into his pants again.

5 months later............

His dad comes storming into his room, yelling, "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SHOOT THE GROVE KIDS!?".
He replies, "I didn't mean to, they were going to stab me!"
"That's not fucking good enough, son! Now we have to move or they will shoot me, and you will be arrested for life!"

3 weeks later.......

They left town moving to Las Venturas, his dad made a living as a Blackjack dealer until Jalmino was 22, then he got drunk one night, beat his father up for taking his money again, then moved out with his dad's wallet and decided to go back to Los Santos

3 years after Jalmino moves back to Los Santos........

He drove to the airport to drop a friend to his plane for Florida. But as he was leaving the airport he found himself seeing a crazed criminal killing people with his bare hands. So he went out there and fought the criminal to the ground, he reached back and held the gun that he found when he was 13 at the crazed criminal's head as he was watching him in fear he would leap at him too, in the corner of Jalmino's eye he could see the dead, lifeless body of his last victim, an LSPD officer that has been torn open at the throat, chest cavity and abdomin. He was near throwing up, but he could not let the gun rest until the F.B.I and S.W.A.T got there, when they got there everything was fine, he could go to the nearest bathroom and vomit, and the criminal would be locked up....How wrong he was....When they got there they cuffed the crazed man and put him in the back, but he snapped the cuffs and tore their throats out with his bare hands before they knew he got out of the cuffs, Jalmino heard a screaming from the car and turned just before the criminal came crashing out the window. He pulled the gun up at arms length and shot 4 times into his chest cavity then pumped the rest into his head, he wouldn't stay down....He cut Jalmino's throat with his grab, but it wasn't deep, Jalmino ended up grabbing a metal pipe and hit him over the head 7 times until it knocked him unconcious. Now he walks with a .45 pisol (desert eagle) in the waistband of his pants, along with a 9 mm in his ankle holster, and a knife strapped to each wrist.

Jalmino was in hospital for 1 year with constant operations and disease shots

4 weeks after Jalmino gets out of hospital.......

He comes out from a check-up to find the Mayor and the rest of the state applauding him, they took up the freeway, the skatepark, even grouped up all the way down to the LSPD. He had his surgery paid for and everything.

Jalmino Lanson

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Re: Jalmino Lanson's bio, from start to finish

Post by Chris Chambers on Sun May 31, 2009 9:59 am

Nice bro nice
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